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How to test if a plugin is active

When developing a WordPress theme, you often want to rely on a plugin. For example, I have seen many themes which relied on the Wp-PageNavi plugin for their pagination. But if the end user do not have the plugin installed, the code is broken and you can’t use the theme. Happily, there’s a WP function named is_plugin_active() that you can use to test if a plugin is active.

Hacks & Code Snippets

How to disable plugin updates on your WordPress blog

By default, WordPress automatically checks if plugins updates are available, and if yes, ask you to install it. It is useful in most cases, but when building websites for clients you may not want them to updates plugins, for example if you modified a plugin especially for them. Here is an easy way to disable plugin updates on any WordPress blog.

Hacks & Code Snippets

How to: Disable all your plugins in a second

Sometimes, for exemple when you have to upgrade your blog, you need to disable all your plugins. Depending to how much plugins you’re using, it can takes a lot of time and be kinda boring. Happilly, I got the solution to this problem, with a simple recipe to disable all your plugins on a second!