Wprecipes was created on October 5, 2008 as I place where I collect quick, clear and concise WordPress recipes.

After successfully launching my blog Cats Who Code, I received many emails from my readers who wants help with WordPress or had WordPress related questions. I don’t like the principe of private replies: Sure, the reader is happy to have his/her question answered, but what about the people who haven’t asked the same question yet?

As Cats Who Code is only featuring long articles, I couldn’t post replies there. So I decided to create a new blog to post replies to WordPress questions, and quick but very usefull recipes about my favorite blogging platform. This is how WpRecipes were born.

About the author

My name is Jean and I’m blogger, web developer and web designer in my early thirties. I was born in Paris, France and now reside in Helsinki, Finland.

I started blogging in 2006 and then created Cats Who Code two years after. Over the years I’ve been blogging on a few popular websites such as Smashing Magazine, WpHacks and ProBlogDesign.

I’m on Twitter, so don’t hesitate to follow me to stay tuned with me. If you need WordPress help, I can help you at a reasonable rate. Visit my freelance WordPress developer site for more info.

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Don’t ask any “free help”. Work I do is to be paid.