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If you allow userregistration on your WordPress blog or website, what about displaying the 5 latest registered users? Here is a simple and efficient recipe to do so.

Simply paste the code below where you want to display recently registered users. This code will display 5 users, you can change this number on line 2.

<ul class="recently-user">
    <?php $usernames = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT user_nicename, user_url FROM $wpdb->users ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT 5");
        foreach ($usernames as $username) {
                echo '<li>' .get_avatar($username->comment_author_email, 45).'<a href="'.$username->user_url.'">'.$username->user_nicename."</a></li>";

Thanks to emoticode for the snippet!!

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  1. You must use $wpdb->prepare function. Otherwise your code is open to hack.

    here is an example ,

    $usernames = $wpdb->get_results( $wpdb->prepare(“SELECT user_nicename, user_url FROM $wpdb->users ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT 5”));

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