DISCLAIMER: this post is older than one year and may not be up to date with latest WordPress version.

Would you like to be able to use a simpler url like http://website.com/login to login to your WordPress dashboard? If yes, just read this recipe to learn how to implement it on your own blog.

Open your .htaccess file (located at the root of your WordPress install) and add the following code. Remember to backup your .htaccess file before editing it!

RewriteRule ^login$ http://website.com/wp-login.php [NC,L]

Thanks to Kevin Chard for the cool tip!


  1. It’s not working, I think there’s something wrong.

  2. Its not working… please check n update the code

  3. Hey folks – there is a line missing, you need to enable the ReWrite engine – this should work:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^login$ http://website.com/wp-login.php [NC,L]

  4. I can’t get into my dashboard. I have a new diary entry and can’t access it:((

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