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I like me, you’re blogging in a language which is not your mother tongue, you might like to have the dashboard in your language. Here is a quick tip to use different languages on your WordPress blog or website.

Simply set the desired locale (on line 6) then add the code to your functions.php file.

     // setup one language for admin and the other for theme
     // must be called before load_theme_textdomain()

     function set_my_locale($locale) {
          $locale = ( is_admin() ) ? "en_US" : "it_IT";
          setlocale(LC_ALL, $local );
          return $locale;
     add_filter( 'locale', 'set_my_locale' );

Thanks to wp-snippet for the cool tip!



  1. Definitely love your wordpress tips. This code will make it easier for those whose native tongue is not English. This will change only the dashboard language right?

  2. Cool! Though got a typo – in the call to “setlocale” the 2nd parameter is missing final “e” letter 🙂

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