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Each time you define a specific post as being private or password-protected, WordPress automatically add “Private” or “Protected” to your blog post title. If you don’t want it, nothing simpler: Just apply this great hack.

The only thing you have to do is to paste the following piece of code in your functions.php file. Once you’ll save the file, the hack will be applied to your your posts.

function the_title_trim($title) {
	$title = attribute_escape($title);
	$findthese = array(
	$replacewith = array(
		'', // What to replace "Protected:" with
		'' // What to replace "Private:" with
	$title = preg_replace($findthese, $replacewith, $title);
	return $title;
add_filter('the_title', 'the_title_trim');

Credits goes to Chris Coyier for this awesome piece of code. Have you checked out the book Chris wrote with Jeff Starr? It’s called Digging into WordPress and it is a must-have for all WordPress fans!

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  1. Or more correct, multi lang working

    function title_format($content) {
    return ‘%s’;
    add_filter(‘private_title_format’, ‘title_format’);
    add_filter(‘protected_title_format’, ‘title_format’);

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