How to: Display any rss feed on your WordPress blog

October 17, 2008 at 10:05 am

Do you ever wanted to be able to display any rss feed on your WordPress blog? If yes, here’s a simple code that will get that thing done. Do you know that WordPress have a function, called wp_rss(), which is nothing else than a built-in rss reader?

Here’s the simple code to add where you want the rss to be displayed (Personally, I’d use my sidebar, my footer or a page template):

<?php include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . '/rss.php');
wp_rss('', 3); ?>

Let’s have a quick look to the code: First, we’re including the rss.php file, which is a part of WordPress core. This file allows us to use the wp_rss() function.
This function takes two parameters: The first is the rss feed url, and the second is the number of rss entries to be displayed.