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If you’re building a site for a client and they have some problems with some parts of the dashboard, a good idea is to provide contextual help to the client.
The following hack will allow you to add a custom help messages for the blog admin.

The code have to be pasted into your functions.php file in order to work. Please edit line 4 with the desired help message.

function my_admin_help($text, $screen) {
	// Check we're only on my Settings page
	if (strcmp($screen, MY_PAGEHOOK) == 0 ) {
		$text = 'Here is some very useful information to help you use this plugin...';
		return $text;
	// Let the default WP Dashboard help stuff through on other Admin pages
	return $text;

add_action( 'contextual_help', 'my_admin_help' );

Thanks to Studio Grasshopper for the code!


  1. Although this works it should be noted that the contextual_help action has been deprecated since WordPress 3.3 and add_help_tab should be used instead.

    For my own plugins I have a version check and support both depending on which one they have.


  2. This code is very useful and helpful. Thanks for sharing .

  3. So which is better using add_help_tab or contextual_help?

  4. How do I get this to work on the dashboard help?

  5. Nice Tutorial It worked for me thanks for the code

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