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By default, the built-in WordPress media manager allows you to filter media by three types: images, audio and video. But if you work a lot with .pdf files, you may need to add an option to filter .pdf files from the media manager. Here is a simple code snippet to do it.

Paste this code into your functions.php file. Save the file, and you’re done.

function modify_post_mime_types( $post_mime_types ) {

	// select the mime type, here: 'application/pdf'
	// then we define an array with the label values

	$post_mime_types['application/pdf'] = array( __( 'PDFs' ), __( 'Manage PDFs' ), _n_noop( 'PDF <span class="count">(%s)</span>', 'PDFs <span class="count">(%s)</span>' ) );

	// then we return the $post_mime_types variable
	return $post_mime_types;


// Add Filter Hook
add_filter( 'post_mime_types', 'modify_post_mime_types' );

Note that this code snippet can be used for other file types as well as .swf, .avi, .mov, etc.

Thanks to WP Tuts for the nice code snippets!

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  1. Support of .pdf is necessary sometimes in WordPress media manager. This code snippet is really very helpful. Thanks 🙂

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