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If you have a multi-author blog, you may want to be able to display only posts from two (or more) authors. While it may seems to be a bit hard to do, it is definitely not. Just read this recipe to know how to do it.

As I said in the post excerpt, this is very easy to do. The first thing to know is to get the IDs of the authors you’d like to list the posts. In this example, I want to list posts from authors 1 and 6.

Simply type the following in your browser adress bar:


Et voilà! WordPress is listing posts from 2 distinct authors. You can add more authors, simply separate all IDs with a comma.

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  1. Nikhil Naik

    Also, this can be shortened further. For example, if the authors with ID 2 and 8 are the consistent bloggers, only their posts can be displayed by shortening the URL. First place this code in .htaccess:

    RewriteRule ^vip-authors/?$ ?author=2,8 [NC]

    Now if you visit: http://www.yourwebsite.com/vip-authors/, it displays the articles of author with IDs 2 and 8.

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