Deal of the week: SpyBar (3 licences to win!!)

May 3, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Today, I’m glad to introduce a new giveaway on WPRecipes, sponsored by our partners Mighty Deals. At the same time, I’m going to introduce SpyBar, an amazing tool for bloggers and website owners.

A word about Spybar

The Internet is one huge swap meet. So many sites “borrow” code or plugins from other sites to make their own that much better. And then someone else borrows from their site, and so on. Keeping up with the latest and greatest Web features is an exhausting experience, though. You can check out tons of forums, blogs, newsletters and more just to read up on the latest releases. You can also pay a ton of money to various online services to pull in stats and suggestions.

The best way, though? Just browse. Check out what your competition’s doing. If you find something you like, copy it. If only it were that easy to look beneath the hood. Well, it is. Thanks to SpyBar, you can pull in tons of useful data about any site, and you can do it all right from your Firefox or Chrome browser!

SpyBar is sold for only $7 for a limited time by Mighty Deals.

Here is a video demo of Spybar in action:

How to win a free Spybar licence!

Our partners from Mighty Deals are happy to give away 3 Spybar licences to WPRecipes readers. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment to this post to let me know you’d like to win a free Spybar licence. I’ll randomly pick 3 lucky winners on sunday using Winners will receive their prize directly in their email.