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The “more” link is indeed a great WordPress capability, which allow you to choose the part of the post to be displayed on the homepage. Then, a “Read more” link is displayed. But how can you change the text of this link? Just read on.

To achieve this recipe, the first step is to edit your posts and create custom fields. Give them custom_more as a key, and the text to display as a value.

Once done, edit your index.php file (As well as category.php, search.php, etc) and find a line similar to this:

the_content("

Simply replace it with this code:

<?php $custommore = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'custom_more', true); ?> 
<?php if (!$custommore) { $custommore = 'Read More &raquo;'; } ?> 
<?php the_content($custommore); ?>

That’s all. Now, if you create a custom field named custom_more, its value will be displayed instead of the classic “Read more” link.

Thanks to Chris Cagle for this very usefull trick!


  1. Great tip, thanks to both you and Chris C. I just got this working in my theme and am going to thoroughly enjoy finally being able to break about from the doldrums of “Read More…”

    P.S. You consistently publish some of my favorite WP tutorials on the web. Thanks for the great work.

  2. Thanks for the tip – I have one problem though.
    I can’t for the life of me seem to find the right index.php file. My wp folders pretty much all got their own index.php file, and the theme I use has its own index.php files as well. But none of them looks in any way like it could contain the sentence you mention: the_content(“Read more”)
    Most of the php files I find have only one or two lines code with nothing else.
    Pretty much empty files.
    Could you give a hint as to where I should look for the appropriate file and code?

    Many thanks!
    Arjan van Woensel

  3. amazing !
    thanks much

  4. By default “more-link” class is added to the A tag of “more link”. How may I add custom classes? Any Filter available?

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