Know some cool WordPress hacks, tips or tricks and want to gain more exposure for your blog?

If yes, don’t hesitate to send me your recipe and share it with one of the most active online WordPress communities! If your recipe is published, you’ll have full credit and a (dofollow) link to your website.

A few guidelines:

  • Look how I write my recipes: Your post needs to be short and very useful at the same time.
  • No problem to re-publish a hack which have already been published on your own blog. Though, if the hack is already very well-known, it don’t have a value because something like 90% of WpRecipes readers are already aware of it. In that case, I’ll not publish it.
  • Very busy? You can send me only a link to the hack/tip/trick, if it’s very cool, I’ll write the recipe for you.
  • When submitting a recipe for publication, don’t forget to include your full name (It is always better than crappy nicknames, but it’s up to you) as well as your website url for me to give you a backlink.

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