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Here at WpRecipes, we really love to provide great prizes as such as premium themes to our readers. Today, our sponsor ThemeGrade is giving away 3 copies of their new “Sunset farm” theme. Just read on, enter the contest and try to win this cool theme!

About the “Sunset Farm” theme

The Sunset Farm theme is the prize fo this contest. Here is a screenshot of the theme, and you can see a live demo on this page.

About ThemeGrade

ThemeGrade – our sponsor for this contest – is a website that compare Premium WordPress themes. For example, they pick a premium theme, analyze it, rate it and give a final, overall note for the theme.

The note given is based on cross-browser compatibility, XHTML/CSS compliance, quality of support and special effects. I must admit that I’m quite jealous of the concept behing ThemeGrade, and wonder why I haven’t had this idea before 😉

When buying a premium WordPress theme, it can be very interesting to visit ThemeGrade and see how they rated the theme you’re interested in. ThemeGrade already features lots of popular premium themes and they’re currently adding 2 new themes per day.

On the right side of the site an user friendly search form let you find a specific kind of theme.

How to enter the contest?

Good news for all WpRecipes readers! Brian from ThemeGrade decided to sponsor our contest is to give away 3 copies of his new “Sunset Farm” theme. You can see a live demo of the Sunset Farm theme here.
To be a part of the contest, simply write a post on your own blog about WpRecipes and/or ThemeGrade. Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog entry so I can see who entered the contest.

Winners will be randomly choosen, on January 9, 2010. Winners will be announced directly on the blog, so don’t forget to grab our RSS feed so you’ll not miss your prize!

Visit ThemeGrade.


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